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Yasus Afari - The Edutainment and Social Empowerment Specialist

Yasus Afari has effectively and successfully designed, developed and applied this Edutainment Technique since the mid 1980’s. He first introduced it to the Ministry of Education, Youth and Culture in the 1990’s to the then Minister Burchell Whiteman. Consequently, the Culture Agency Programme/ Cultural Arts in Education developed with the pivotal input of this concept and Yasus Afari became one of its first Culture Agents in the Jamaican schools. Jamaica Day evolved from this programme after which Yasus made a significant contribution to the Jamaican Government’s Policy Document on Culture in Education and Tourism, at the request of the then Director of Culture Mr Syd Bartley. This was followed by the Edutainment Concert Series which was sponsored and endorsed by the Ministry of Education and Nestle Jamaica via their Milo brand. The Edutainment Concert Series / Lecture Performance Series successfully toured Jamaica several times.

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Edutainment Workshop Options – designed to meet specific needs - some examples:

1. Jamaica Language and Culture – A Journey Through Jamaica Memory Lane

2. Rastafari Livity and Culture:  History, Values, Concepts, Beliefs, Practices, Symbols, Worship / Rituals, Groups, Food and Nutrition, Locks, Dress, Gender Relationship and Customs, Festivals and Celebrations, World View and Global Perspectives, Reparations and Repatriation.

3. Poetry/Writing – Identifying and releasing feelings, emotions, fears, successes, aspirations, apprehensions and talents. Then creatively channelling those energies into positive expressions via Poetry, Music, Dance, Story Telling, Drama and Comedy.

4. Turning Negatives into Positives – Using Yasus Afari’s own Poetry and success story of Positive Re-enforcement coupled with the colonial history of the Trans-Atlantic Triangle and how the peoples of the triangle can and ought to reverse that negativity of genocide into a positive culture and history of Caring, Sharing, Healing, Redemption and Renewal.

5. One Earth, One Love, One Humanity - Green Faith and Human Spirituality - Journeying Through the Birth and Development of Mental and Physical Man, Humanity, Our Shared History, Shared Existence and Shared Destiny - Comparative Religion, Social, Religious and Cultural Harmony Linking Us All as Children/Citizens of One Earth, One Love, One Humanity.

Edutainment Promotion:  edutainmentpromo@yahoo.co.uk

Caring and Sharing / One Earth, One Love, One Humanity / Laughter, Love and Learning


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